Could Periodontics Help Me?

How your periodontist in Fresno can help your smileperiodontal dentistry

When you think of periodontal services, do you think of gum and periodontal disease? It’s true that periodontists treat gum and periodontal disease, but they do a lot more than that. Your periodontist can help your smile in ways you never thought possible. Dr. Alexander Pritsky at Fresno Dental Implant Center in Fresno, CA wants to share the importance of periodontal services and how he can help you.

Periodontics treats periodontal disease and helps you regain the health of the gums and bone surrounding your teeth. Periodontal treatment involves targeted deep cleaning of periodontal pocket areas in an effort to regain a strong attachment of the gums and bone to your teeth.

Treatment of periodontal disease can also involve surgery to replace lost bone by bone grafting. Surgery can also reposition gums to reduce or eliminate deep periodontal pockets, making your mouth far easier to clean and keep healthy.

Periodontics doesn’t just make your smile healthier. Periodontal services can give you an attractive smile too. Your periodontist is an expert at shaping and remodeling your gums to create a harmonious smile. For example:

If you have bulky, overgrown gum tissue, you may want to consider gingival resculpting, using a laser to trim away bulky gum tissue and enhance the contours of your gums.

If your gumline is uneven or covering up part of your beautiful teeth, you may want to consider gingival recontouring, surgically removing extra gum tissue that hides your teeth.

If your gums have receded and exposed part of the roots of your teeth, you may want to consider gum grafting, attaching a piece of tissue in place over your exposed tooth roots.

These are just a few of the procedures your periodontist can perform to make your smile healthier and more beautiful. To view amazing before-and-after photos of gingival recession treatment patients, please visit the Smile Gallery page on the website at

If your smile is suffering because of gum or bone problems, periodontics can help. For more information about periodontal services call Dr. Pritsky at Fresno Dental Implant Center in Fresno, CA. Don’t wait to get the smile you deserve, call today!