Dental Implants: A Tooth Replacement You Can Rely On

How dental implants can permanently restore your smile

If you are missing one tooth or many teeth, there are many options to replace your teeth; but there is only one option for tooth dental implantsreplacement you can rely on for life, dental implants! When you choose dental implants, you are making an investment in your smile. Seek out the help of an expert on dental implants like Dr. Alexander Pritsky in Fresno, California.

Dr. Pritsky wants you to know the many reasons you can rely on dental implants to replace your missing teeth, and why dental implants surpass dental bridges, removable partials or dentures. You will love your new dental implants because:

  • They look completely natural and blend seamlessly with your other teeth
  • They are a permanent addition to your smile that doesn’t move around
  • They are a convenient solution because you don’t ever take them out
  • They are highly successful with a success rate of over 95% percent

Dental implants are also a conservative tooth replacement solution because Dr. Pritsky doesn’t have to restore the teeth surrounding the implants, unlike dental bridgework.

Your new dental implants placed by Dr. Pritsky will also help retain the bone in your jaw. People who wear dentures for a long period often experience bone loss caused by the pressure of the dental appliance resting on their jaw. This doesn’t happen with dental implants, which actually help to create more bone to fuse with the implant. With dental implants, you will retain your firm jawline and the youthful contours of your face.

Your dental implant is made of titanium and is placed in your jaw. Over time, the bone in your jaw fuses to it, locking it in place. The dental implant functions as the “root” of your missing tooth. After a healing period, Dr. Pritsky will cap your implant with a beautiful, new crown.

If you want tooth replacement you can rely on, it’s time to consider dental implants, the permanent way to complete your smile and restore full chewing function. Don’t settle for a less-than-perfect smile when you can have your best smile. Call Dr. Alexander Pritsky in Fresno, California today and get started on your great new smile!