Discover The Benefits Of Dentures

Missing most or all of your teeth has a surefire effect on your confidence, eating habits and even your overall health in general. However, denturestooth replacement options like dentures can help you rebuild lost confidence, eat the foods you love and keep your dental and general health in tip-top shape. Find out more about dentures and what they can do for you with Dr. Alexander Pritsky at Fresno Dental Implant Center in Fresno, CA.

Types of Dentures
Dentures come in several types and styles, including:

  • Traditional Dentures: Traditional over dentures fit over the gums and use suction or gravity to stay in place. These are the kind of dentures most people picture and replace all of the teeth on an arch.
  • Partial Dentures: Partial dentures use any remaining healthy teeth in the mouth to hold the denture into place. This also stimulates the natural teeth to help them remain healthy. The denture rests over the teeth, allowing the natural teeth to fit through the denture and blend into the prosthetic teeth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: Implant-supported dentures can be removable or permanent and utilize dental implant technology permanently implanted into the mouth to anchor the denture into place.

Do I need dentures?
Dentures benefit those who have lost most or all of the teeth on an arch. Those missing only one or several teeth may benefit more from single dental implants or a dental bridge. Missing teeth can make speaking, chewing and eating difficult. Additionally, if left untreated, missing teeth cause bone atrophy, which can lead to sagging facial skin and premature aging. Dentures help fill out the face to negate these side effects and make daily activities easier.

Teeth In A Day in Fresno, CA
In the past, traditional dental implants required several months between placing the implants themselves and affixing the prosthetic teeth permanently over them. Teeth in a Day, available at Fresno Dental Implant Center, allow patients to proudly wear their new teeth within 48 hours of placing their implants, saving months of waiting.

For more information on dentures or how they can benefit you, please contact Dr. Pritsky at Fresno Dental Implant Center in Fresno, CA. Call (559) 298-3900 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Pritsky today!