FAQs about Implant Dentures

Find out how implant-supported dentures could give you a new smile for life.

Are you currently wearing dentures? Are you tired of having them move and shift around in your mouth? Do you find that they aren’t asimplant supported dentures easy to speak with and chew as you thought?

While dentures will never be as good as natural teeth they can help to give you a new smile. Your Fresno cosmetic dentist Alexander Pritsky is happy to offer a more secure way for patients to wear their dentures.

Q. What are implant-supported dentures and how do they differ from regular dentures?

A. Implant-supported dentures are overdentures that are attached to the mouth with implants. Traditional complete dentures sit on top of the gums and are held in place with gum adhesive. Many times this adhesive isn’t strong enough and this leaves the patients dealing with slipping or denture that move while they eat and chew. But because implant dentures are held firmly in place by implants, which are surgically placed into the jawbone, you won’t have to worry about your new teeth moving around.

Q. How do I get implant dentures?

A. The metal implants we use will be surgically placed into the front part of the jawbone where there tends to be more bone. Getting implants and placing your dentures is the longest part of the process and can take as little as five months for the lower jaw and seven months for the upper jaw. Many factors, including your health, will determine how long the implant process takes.

It’s important to note that usually two surgeries are needed: one to place your implants into the gums and a second one to expose the implant to place dentures on top.

Q. Will getting implants hurt?

A. Before your surgery we will apply a local anesthesia to the area to be treated, so you shouldn’t experience any pain during your procedure. However, you may feel some discomfort, tenderness or swelling around that area for a couple days after your surgery. We will talk to you about the best ways to care for your mouth while it heals.

Q. How long will my implants last?

A. While your dentures will need to be replaced every few years your implants are designed to last you a lifetime, if you care for them properly. By seeing your Fresno, CA restorative dentist every six months for routine exams you can protect your investment for many years to come.

Want to find out if dental implants are right for you? Then schedule an appointment with your implant dentist in Fresno. Let Alexander Pritsky, DMD Dental Implants and Periodontics give you the healthy smile you want.