Implant Dentures Versus Traditional Dentures

Dentures are a means to replace a lost tooth or teeth - and at our Fresno, CA implant dentistry office, we offer both traditional dentures as well as implant-supported dentures.

Traditional dentures are artificial tooth replacement methods that recreate your teeth as well as a portion of your gums. DenturesTraditional dentures sit atop your gums and are sometimes anchored on with a denture adhesive.

In contrast, implant-supported dentures are those that have dental implants embedded in the jawbone. These dental implants are typically titanium implants that are designed to act as an artificial tooth root. Once embedded into the jawbone and healed, we create dentures that are anchored to the dental implants.

Several key differences exist between implant-supported dentures and traditional dentures. Traditional dentures require daily removal and cleaning. They are re-adhered every morning. Implant-supported dentures do not involve daily removal. Instead, you care for them as you would your natural teeth.

While traditional dentures are anchored in place with adhesive, they can slip out of place. This makes it difficult to eat certain food types as well as speak as clearly. Implant-supported dentures do not slip or slide out of place. Instead, they are designed to function just as your natural teeth would.

Another benefit associated with implant-supported dentures is that they reduce bone loss that can occur when you lose a tooth or teeth. Traditional dentures do not provide the same bone-boosting benefits. This can change the appearance of your face, giving it a more hollow appearance. Because implant dentures retain your jawbone, your appearance is less likely to change after tooth loss.

While implant-supported dentures offer many benefits over traditional dentures, they do represent an added expense when compared with traditional dentures. Our Fresno, CA implant dentistry office can work with our patients to help implant-supported dentures become a financial possibility. For more information, please call our office at (559) 298-3900.