The Different Types of Dentures and Their Benefits

Want to know more about implant dentures?

Mouth DentureThere are several types of dentures. Implant dentures are just one. Dr. Alexander Pritsky, your Fresno, CA, dentist, is an expert in installing implant dentures, an affordable solution for patients who have lost all their teeth. Read below to learn more!

Implant Dentures in Fresno

Implant tenures, also called mini dental implants, are sequences of titanium posts implanted into teeth sockets to replace missing tooth roots.

Advantages and Benefits of Implant Dentures

  • Implant-supported dentures preserve facial bone
  • They can give you a complete smile
  • They don't slip and cause discomfort
  • They create a normal bite so can you eat without restriction
  • You don't have to worry about ill-fitting dentures or denture adhesives
  • You don't have to deal with the uncomfortable movement of regular dentures
  • Implants stabilize dentures, ensuring they don't move while you speak, eat, or chew


  • Metal posts are surgically implanted in a series into your jaw.
  • Osseointegration will occur over three to six months (this is a process where bone and tissue surrounding the implants will fuse to posts). This action creates a sturdy and unmoving foundation from which to hold your dentures.
  • Following osseointegration, you will be fitted with temporary teeth.
  • After six months, your doctor will attach abutments to the implants that'll be attached to artificial teeth.
  • The full dentures are attached to the abutments.

After the procedure is over, patients will be able to resume normal daily activities, such as eating, chewing, and speaking. You'll also have the added benefit of a great smile and stable dentures that don't slip, as mentioned above.


The process of getting implant dentures may be long, but it is worth the time, money, and effort. If you have any more questions about implant dentures, call Dr. Alexander Pritsky's Fresno office at (559) 298-3900.