Types of Dentures

Estimates published by the American College of Prosthodontists state that 90 percent of Americans who have complete or partial tooth Mouth Dentureloss wear dentures. They are more common in seniors, but many adults under 55 who have tooth loss also opt for this tooth replacement solution. After tooth loss, dentures restore your ability to chew your favorite foods, speak normally and smile around your peers. Visit Dr. Alexander Pritsky's office in Fresno, CA so that he can design a device that will meet your smile needs and provide you with optimal comfort.

What Are Dentures and How Are They Made?
Dentures are often the go-to dental solution for the edentulous community (those who are missing all or some of their teeth). They are made with acrylic resin or porcelain material. The palate is shaped based on an impression of your mouth that is taken by your dentist so that it will fit snugly. If the device is intended to replace one or several missing teeth, it is designed with metal supports that clip onto remaining teeth.

The Types of Dentures
Complete dentures, otherwise known as traditional or full dentures, are designed to completely cover the gumline when there are no remaining teeth. The base of the denture is pink and closely resembles the look of your gums. Partial dentures are made for partial tooth loss. You must have healthy strong teeth in the mouth to provide support for a partial. Implant dentures are a state-of-the-art tooth replacement option that uses dental implants to keep the device securely anchored. It preserves bone tissue and doesn't need replacement or repair like traditional removable dentures.

Getting Used to Your Denture Device
It may take some time for you to get used to your new dentures, which is why your Fresno, CA dentist may schedule several follow-up appointments for fittings and adjustments. The goal is to get you to a place where you are completely comfortable with how your denture devices feel when you are chewing, talking, and smiling.

Dentures Complete Your Smile
The holes and gaps in your smile can be closed with a specialty denture customized by a dentist. Call (559) 298-3900 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alexander Pritsky at his office in Fresno, CA.