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By Alexander Pritsky, DMD Fresno Dental Implants and Periodontics
March 07, 2022
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If you are missing a tooth you may be curious about what options you have when it comes to restoring your smile. Dental implants are in many ways the best solution to tooth loss. They are meant to be a final and complete restoration of a missing tooth. This treatment will last much longer and will be stronger than other options. Learn more about dental implants in Fresno, CA, from Dr. Alexander Pritsky.

Better Support

The key difference between dental implants and other methods of restoration, such as bridges and dentures, has to do with the way in which they are supported. Dental bridges depend on adjacent teeth to serve as support for the tooth they are replacing. To accomplish this, these healthy teeth need to be reshaped so that a crown can be attached to them, then they will hold your new tooth in place.

Dentures depend on suction as their main method of support. These require a proper fit to perform at their best. So many of the common complaints people have regarding dentures are due to this factor. A dental implant is supported in a very similar way to your natural teeth. They use a titanium post that is permanently implanted onto the bone of your jaw, and it's onto this that your new tooth will be attached.

Dental Implants in Fresno, CA

One downside to dental implants is that they do require a longer initial investment of time, as the implanted post can take months to heal and fuse with the jaw bone. Implants can last a lifetime with proper care, and they don't need any special treatment when it comes to hygiene or diet, although good dental habits remain key to maintaining your smile.

If you're ready to restore a single missing tooth or a complete smile, find out if you're a candidate for dental implants. Call (559) 298-3900 to schedule a consultation in Fresno, CA, from Dr. Pritsky.

By Alexander Pritsky, DMD Fresno Dental Implants and Periodontics
November 03, 2021
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Millions of people suffer from tooth loss. Some have lost a tooth during an accident, and others have lost a tooth to decay. Regardless of how you lost one or more teeth, tooth loss can have a serious impact on your appearance. In addition, tooth loss can also affect your self-esteem. Smiling, laughing and talking with other people can make you feel uncomfortable.

There are two options to treat tooth loss. The first is a partial bridge that is removed at night. The second option is dental implants in Fresno, CA. Dr. Alexander Pritsky is a dental implant specialist, and dental implants can be more beneficial than a partial bridge.

#1 More Natural Appearance

If you want to treat your tooth loss and want your smile to look natural, dental implants are the best option. Dental implants are placed directly into your jawbone and an artificial tooth is affixed.

#2 Dental Implants Don't Need To Be Removed

Partial bridges can treat tooth loss; however, they aren't the most convenient option. They need to be removed at night and soaked. Dental implants never need to be removed. Between the two options, dental implants are the more convenient option.

#3 Dental Implants Can Last Forever

A partial bridge can treat your tooth loss and improve your appearance; however, they don't last forever. Over time, the bridge can wear out or break and will need to be replaced. It is recommended that you replace your partial bridge every 7 to 15 years.

With regular brushing and flossing, dental implants can last forever.

#4 You Can Eat Your Favorite Foods

If you choose a partial bridge to treat your tooth loss, certain foods are off-limits when the bridge is in your mouth.

  • Sticky foods

  • Tough cuts of meat

  • Sandwiches and other foods that require you to bite off a piece

  • Chewy foods

  • Seeds and nuts

If you choose dental implants, you can eat whatever you want. Implants are just as strong as your natural teeth, and you won't need to give up your favorite foods.

#5 Your Other Teeth Won't Be Affected

Partial bridges use the healthy surrounding teeth as an anchor. Because dental implants are placed into the jawbone, they don't need an anchor, and the surrounding teeth won't be affected.

If you are suffering from tooth loss and want the best treatment option available, dental implants are the better option. Dr. Pritsky is a dental implant expert and has used implants to treat tooth loss for many patients.

To schedule an appointment for a consultation in his Fresno, CA office, call (559) 298-3900.

By Alexander Pritsky, DMD Fresno Dental Implants and Periodontics
December 29, 2020
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If you are missing one or several teeth or you are about to have one or more teeth extracted, dental implants are a great option for tooth replacement. Implants are quickly becoming one of the most popular tooth replacement methods because they are durable and look perfectly natural. Dr. Alexander Pritsky is a dentist in Fresno, CA, where he provides full dental services including dental implant restoration.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Here are the top reasons that Fresno residents choose dental implants:

  • Unique replacement: Dental implants are the only option to replace the complete tooth. Although they have a crown, they don’t just provide a cosmetic substitute for a tooth, they even replace the root with their titanium post. This means that your jawbone is stimulated and continues to grow so you avoid bone erosion.
  • Solid and durable: Dental implants are built to last. If you maintain good oral hygiene standards and take care of your implants, they can last a lifetime. They are strong and don’t tend to crack or come loose.
  • Perfectly natural: Dental implants can be designed to match the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth, so no one will be able to tell the difference, not even you. What’s more, they are just as easy to maintain as your natural teeth.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Dental Implants?

To be a suitable candidate, you will need:

  • To be over the age of 18
  • Good overall health
  • Healthy teeth and gums
  • A healthy jawbone to support the implants
  • To be a non-smoker or to stop smoking for at least three weeks before implant surgery

If you are a Fresno resident and you would like to find out more about dental implants, call Dr. Pritsky at (559) 298-3900 to schedule an appointment.

By Alexander Pritsky, DMD Fresno Dental Implants and Periodontics
April 14, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Dental implants are the best tooth replacement options available today. In Fresno, CA, Dr. Alexander Pritsky has placed hundreds of these amazing artificial teeth with resounding success. Likely, they can help your smile with their numerous benefits.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a complete artificial tooth. A titanium screw forms the foundation as your dentist places it into your jaw bone where natural tooth roots once resided. Over the next several weeks, the bone and titanium metal fuse through osseointegration. Then, Dr. Pritsky tops the implant with a post and crown.

What benefits do dental implants offer?

Dental implants rebuild the bone lost after extraction. Other tooth replacements, such as fixed bridges or partial/full dentures, cannot do this. Also, dental implants are exceptionally secure, helping patients:

  • Smile with confidence
  • Look youthful
  • Speak clearly
  • Enjoy a wide range of healthy food choices
  • Brush and floss with ease and convenience
  • Replace multiple teeth with implant-supported dentures if needed
  • Feel that their new tooth is a completely natural tooth

Also, dental implants have a well-proven record of success and longevity, says the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. When well-cared for, they last for the rest of a patient's life. Contrast that with conventional bridges which last about a decade only.

The evaluation and placement process

Qualifying for dental implants is easy for most healthy people. Dr. Pritsky does a complete dental exam. In particular, he inspects bone in the jaw with three-dimensional scans. Quality bone properly anchors the dental implant device and allows it to withstand the considerable pressures of biting and chewing.

If you do qualify, the oral surgery will be quick and painless. After a few months, you'll come back to Dr. Pritsky so he can install the metal alloy post and custom-fabricated porcelain crown.

After care

Brush two times a day, and floss once daily. Also, stop smoking if possible as tobacco degrades implant sites. Wear a bite guard if you grind your teeth. See Dr. Pritsky semi-annually for your usual exam and cleaning.

Learn more about dental implants

You can when you come our Fresno, CA, office for a consultation with Dr. Alexander Pritsky. He'll show you how dental implants can benefit your unique smile. Call us today at (559) 298-3900.

By Alexander Pritsky, DMD Dental Implants and Periodontics
July 19, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Losing a tooth can affect your smile in several unfavorable ways. It can interfere with your ability to enjoy a good meal, or to comfortably dental implantssocialize with friends. Dentures provide a superficial remedy to the problem, but dental implants are the better choice. Once you understand the key benefits of dental implants, you can consult an implant dentist at Fresno Dental Implant Center in Fresno, CA, to find out if they can help you.

Implants Are Permanent Tooth Replacements
More traditional tooth replacement options, like partial dentures and bridges, are only temporary place holders for the gap that’s visible. Dental implants are whole tooth replacements. Once it’s fully integrated into the jawbone, a dental implant is a permanent fixture. It will remain a part of your gum line as long as you observe good oral hygiene habits. That includes brushing for at least two minutes at a time (twice per day), flossing throughout the day, eating healthy foods, and seeing your Fresno, CA, implant dentist for regular visits.

Implants Are Undetectable
Many patients are wary of getting dentures because they’re afraid that they will be detected in close company. When you have a dental implant, it’s virtually impossible for anyone to notice that you have one, other than your dentist. The base of the implant is below the gum line, so it is not exposed. The only part of your new tooth that shows is a very natural-looking dental crown.

Implants Are Easy to Maintain
When you have dentures, you’re expected to take extra steps to keep them clean and looking good. That includes removing them each night, brushing them, and soaking them in a special solution. There’s no need for that when you have a dental implant. Just brush and floss all of your teeth (including the implanted one) normally.

Dental Implants: Are They Right for You?
The best candidates for dental implants have healthy, dense bone tissue that’s ample enough for the procedure. Have an exam and X-rays taken at Fresno Dental Implant Center in Fresno,  CA.  Call (559) 298-3900 today to schedule an appointment with your implant dentist, Dr. Alexander Pritsky.