How Dental Implants Are Good for Mouth Health

It's clear that dental implants are a viable cosmetic solution for people who have missing teeth. They not only fill in spaces, but also provide a permanent restoration. But are dental implants good for your overall mouth health? The answer is yes; learn exactly why from Fresno implant dentist Dr. Alexander Pritsky, DMD.Dental implants

What Are Dental Implants?
Decades ago, a Swedish doctor named Per-Ingvar Brånemark figured out that when you place a piece of titanium metal in bone tissue, the tissue heals over the metal and “accepts” it as if it’s a new body part. Using this concept, dental surgeons have been able to develop a technology that adds metal implants into the bone tissue of a person’s mouth so that it acts like a rooted tooth. When the implant heals into the bone, the dentist can then add a crown restoration to the top.

Tooth Implants Make it Easier to Chew
One of the reasons why Fresno implant dentist Dr. Pritsky recommends dental implants is because they allow you to chew your food more thoroughly and comfortably. When there are missing teeth, eating can be a challenge—even painful. A dental implant is a friend to your mouth when you’re enjoying your daily meals.

They Fill Spaces to Protect Your Jawbone
When a space is left unattended for many years due to a lost or extracted tooth, it could leave an opening for an infection to develop beneath the gums. Infections can eat away at the jawbone and even change the shape of your jawline or the way that you talk. An implant fills that space and protects the bone tissue in your mouth.

No Cavities
One of the great things about having a tooth implant is that you no longer have to worry about getting cavities and tooth infections. Since the tooth is artificial, and made of strong, durable material (with no nerves or tooth pulp inside), it’s resistant to cavities. 

Discuss Dental Implants with Dr. Pritsky
After you explore the many ways that dental implants are good for your oral health, take the time to set up an appointment for an initial consultation with Fresno implant dentist Dr. Alexander Pritsky, DMD. You can request a time online at or call the office at (559) 298-3900 to speak with a friendly staff member.