A sampling of patient testimonials to demostrate responses to treatment received from Dr. Pritsky.

"My treatment throughout my dental implant experience was exceptional.  I had little to no discomfort.  Dr. Pritsky is considerably caring and understanding of his patients individual needs.  He takes the time to explain each step of the treatment process."


- Dolores C., Retired

"Dr. Pritsky is a perfectionist who takes great pride in his work.  I give him my highest recommendation!!"


- Suzanne B., Retired Principal

"Over the course of several years, I had seen a number of dental professionals who had given me a variety of treatment plans along with frightening costs.  I was completely insecure and paralyzed to move forward.  I knew I needed to deal head on with the issues at hand if I wanted any kind of quality of life with my teeth.   I needed someone I could talk with, someone who took me serious and someone I could trust to steer me through what seemed to be a daunting ordeal.  Dr. Pritsky was one of the dentists I had met early on and someone who stood out in my mind.  In desperation and with an urgency to move forward I wrote a long letter to Dr. Pritsky outlining my experiences, concerns and asking for help.  He didn’t hesitate and contacted me immediately urging me to come in and discuss a treatment plan.  Dr. Pritsky became my guide, directing me along each step of the way, answering questions, listening to concerns, re-adjusting the treatment plan according to specific needs and most of all he honored me as a person.  Dr. Pritsky is a man of few words with enormous talent and concern for his patients.  Dr. Pritsky is honest, forthright and he cares.  I highly recommend him to anyone in need of replacing missing or failing teeth with dental implants.

I’m ecstatic to say my treatment plan is complete and I am 200% pleased with the results.  My hat goes off to Dr. Pritsky and his entire staff and I think of them fondly almost every time I bite into a carrot, chomp down on a juicy apple or eat nuts.  I give great thanks for the encouragement and handholding it took to get me through the stages necessary to once again have healthy teeth and gums."

- Karin B., Fresno

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