Computerized Tomography

The technology of the computerized tomography, or cone-beam CT, is a break-through diagnostic and treatment planning radiographic technology which is rapidly becoming a standard of care in implant dentistry.  It allows us to diagnose the available bone for the placement of dental implants in 3 dimensions (as opposed to 2-dimensional radiography).  Quite literally, this technology allows for a look inside the bone and evaluation of it's quality and quantity.  It also allows for diagnosing the location of relevant anatomical boundaries to make implant placement more safe and predictable.  Available software further empowers the clinician with the ability to place implants more precisely and optimizes the final outcome of the treatment.  Having this technology in the office allows for it's utilization in a more cost- and time-effective fashion for our patients.  Our patients benefit from having this powerful diagnostic tool available immediately when the need arises, such as before or after or even intra-surgically.