When You Should Visit a Gum Specialist?

Find out if your gums are trying to tell you that it’s time to seek treatment.

When it comes to your oral health you may spend a lot of time worrying about how your teeth look, but how often do you focus on the gum specialisthealth of your gums? Probably not as much as you should! Of course, gum disease is a common but potentially serious condition that could cause tooth loss and infected gums. Find out when it’s time to visit our Fresno, CA gum specialist, Dr. Alexander Pritsky for care.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease refers to a series of different diseases that all present with the same symptoms and often have the same complications if left untreated: a loss of gums, teeth and even surrounding bone. Also called periodontal disease, this disease happens when bacteria collects on the teeth and gums but isn’t thoroughly removed due to bad hygiene or lack of proper brushing.

This bacteria, or plaque, then hardens and can only be removed by our Fresno dentist. But if you don’t come in for regular cleanings, this tartar can’t be removed. Over time the issue can affect the gums and cause infected pockets to form.

What are the symptoms?

While the main issue is that gum disease often goes undetected because it doesn’t always cause symptoms right away, there are certain early signs that may be telling you that it’s time to visit our gum specialist. Symptoms include:

  • Red and/or inflamed gums
  • Bleeding gums (particularly when brushing and flossing)
  • Bad breath or a bad taste

Later stages of gum disease can cause loose teeth, gums to pull away from the teeth, abscesses and tooth loss. If you notice any of the symptoms above then you need to visit us. We will know exactly how to treat your gum disease based on the severity so that your gums will be healthy once again.

If you are experiencing any symptoms or changes in your gums’ appearance then you need to call our Fresno, CA dental expert, Dr. Pritsky, today. Don’t neglect the health of your gums.