Which Type of Dentures is Right for You?

Find out how dentures could replace your missing teeth and restore your smile.

Mouth Dentures ConsultationIt’s true that your natural teeth should ideally last you for your entire life; however, there are certain issues such as decay or trauma that could lead to tooth loss. If you are an adult who is missing several or even all of your teeth, there is a simple solution that is offered by our Fresno, CA, dentist, Dr. Alexander Pristky: dentures!

Here are the most common types of dentures from which to choose,

Full dentures (also known as complete dentures): As you may be able to figure out from the name alone, this denture type is designed to replace a full set of teeth, whether that be the upper, lower, or both sets of teeth. Full dentures are made up of an acrylic gum-like base that contains a set of teeth that fits over the gums and stays in place through suction. Full dentures are custom-made to fit the shape and measurements of your jaw.

Partial dentures: If you are dealing with tooth loss but still have some healthy teeth remaining, partial dentures will be the best type of dentures to fill those gaps in your smile. Partial dentures can be removable or fixed in place depending on certain factors. Removable partial dentures use clasps that can be attached to other teeth to hold the false teeth in place, while fixed dentures will use crowns to keep the false teeth permanently in place. Just like full dentures, partial dentures are also custom-made to fit your mouth.

Implant-supported dentures: While dentures are designed to sit on top of the gums, dental implants are placed within the jawbone to anchor false teeth into place so that they don’t move or shift around. By placing implants along the arches of the jaws, we can prevent full and partial dentures from moving around while talking or chewing.

Immediate dentures: If you have to have teeth pulled, our Fresno restorative dentist knows that you still want to have teeth to help you speak and chew during the healing process. This is where immediate dentures come in. They are custom-made to fit over your gums, and will provide a helpful, temporarily full smile while we wait several weeks for your gums to heal. Once your gums have healed, we will replace the immediate dentures with permanent ones.

Are you living with tooth loss in Fresno, CA? Do you want to find out if dentures are the ideal tooth replacement for you? Then it’s time to turn to the restorative dental team at Fresno Dental Implant Center to learn more. Dial (559) 298-3900 today!