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Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

If you are missing a tooth you may be curious about what options you have when it comes to restoring your smile. Dental implants are in many ways the best Read More

Signs You Should See A Periodontist

Did you know that there are warning signs of gum disease? If you haven't been to the dentist in a while, it might be time for a check-up. Gum disease Read More

The Benefits Of Dental Implants

Millions of people suffer from tooth loss. Some have lost a tooth during an accident, and others have lost a tooth to decay. Regardless of how you lost one or Read More

Gum Pocket Reduction

Are you experiencing painful and swollen gums with visible pockets around your teeth? If you believe that you may have gum disease, you should seek treatment for periodontics in Fresno, Read More

The Importance of Periodontal Health

How your periodontist in Fresno, CA, can help protect your periodontal health Did you know that the health of your mouth can affect your general health? It’s true! In fact, according Read More

Types of Dentures Available

Modern dentistry has improved the dentures we offer today. Find out which one might be best suited to your needs. Dealing with tooth loss can rapidly age you, but the good Read More

Scaling and Root Planing

Among adults, the most common cause of tooth loss is gum disease, but the good news is that it can be treated, and the earlier it is addressed the easier Read More

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

If you are missing one or several teeth or you are about to have one or more teeth extracted, dental implants are a great option for tooth replacement. Implants are Read More

Reducing Your Gum Inflammation

Here are some simple ways to reduce puffy, swollen gums. Have you suddenly noticed that your gums are puffy, red, or tender? If so, this could be a sign of gum Read More

Benefits of Implant Dentures

Dentures are a dental appliance that restores your smile by replacing missing teeth. Whether you are missing just a few teeth or an entire row, dentures are versatile and can Read More

Ways to Maintain Your Periodontal Health

Ways to Maintain Your Periodontal Health Taking care of your gums is just as important as taking care of your teeth. Periodontal disease, also sometimes referred to as gum disease) is Read More

Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best tooth replacement options available today. In Fresno, CA, Dr. Alexander Pritsky has placed hundreds of these amazing artificial teeth with resounding success. Likely, they can Read More

What Dentures Can Do for You

Are you the ideal candidate for dentures? It’s time to find out… Tooth loss is more common than you might think. Our Fresno, CA, dentist Dr. Alexander Pritsky provides implants, dentures Read More

Your Tooth Loss Replacement Options

Thanks to the innovative tooth restoration choices available today, it's easier than ever to replace missing teeth. Whether you need to replace one tooth or want to restore all of Read More

The Importance of Periodontal Health

Have you taken a close look at your gums lately? Good periodontal (gum) health is not only essential to your smile but also offers important benefits for your general health. Read More

What are Implant Dentures?

Find out how dental implants can keep your dentures in place. Whether you are still deciding how to replace your missing teeth or you already have dentures, you may be wondering Read More

Viewing 17 - 32 out of 60 posts


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